Soul Sparks


“Father, Son, Spirit” (left) and “Tree of Life” (right)

Shalom my Sisters and Brothers!

These photos are of two of my paintings. I have always loved art, and always desired to paint and sculpt… but it was only recently that I found the courage to actually do it. Despite my desire to make art, I always thought I wasn’t good enough.

But then one day I woke up, and the thought hit me – “So what!”

What does it matter if I’m good or not? Who decides what is good art and what is bad art? Art isn’t about being good or bad. It’s about discovering a spark in your soul that needs to be expressed in some manner – whether through painting, or sculpture, or writing, or music.

This is something that our ancient Celtic family knew on a very deep level. While the Roman church was codifying the religious experience, the Celtic church was revelling in the beauty of nature, and in expressing the sacred flame within them that burned with their zeal for God!

They lived with songs on their lips, and saw the fingerprint of God all around them – on a leaf, in the sand, within the clouds and the waters… and it caused the sparks in their souls to dance with the spiral orbit of the galaxies!

And this is something that we in the west need to recapture! We need to stop being afraid to express what is in our souls. We need to stop being afraid of others judging our art – whatever form it may take. Yes, some may hate what we do… but so what! There is a spark within our souls that needs to be expressed… and we need to express it not for the critics… but for the Beautiful, Creative God that lit the sparks within us!

I love what the mystic poet and artist, Kahlil Gibran, once said:

“Some believe that art is the imitation of nature; in fact, nature is so sublime that it cannot be imitated. However noble it may be, art cannot perform a single one of the miracles of nature. …

“Art consists, rather, of understanding nature and transmitting our understanding to those who are unaware of it. The mission of art is to communicate the spirit of the tree, not to draw a trunk, branches and leaves which look like a tree. The aim of art is to reveal the consciousness of the sea, not to paint foaming waves or azure water.”

So listen to the spark that is dancing in your soul. It has a message that only you can give to the world. Don’t hide it because you think you are not an artist. You are created in the image of the God whose very essence is creativity! Look at the trees around you, the oceans, even the sand at your feet! Have you ever looked closely at sand? Have you ever seen how beautiful a single grain of sand is? Its beauty is the same as that of our spiral galaxy! And the God who created this galaxy, and that sand, made you in His image!

Never, ever, ever, believe the critics who tell you that you aren’t good enough! Find your artistic medium, and let the spark within you dance for all the world to see! Show the world what you see – the mysticism of your own unique experience of life!!!

May the Artist who created the heavens and the earth bless you and keep you within His loving embrace! May His Spirit move within you, inspiring you to find your own unique artistic outlet! And may you always gift the world with your art! Amen.



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