Beyond Time and Space


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

This photo is of my little prayer space. It’s nothing fantastic – just a bookcase, with a few items on it that help me focus on praying. They change from time to time, but at the moment, the centre-piece is a Celtic cross made from 5,000 year old Irish turf, a Communion chalice and plate from Iona, a small crucifix from the Vatican, a candle holder (also from the Vatican) depicting the Archangel Michael crushing Satan’s head, and an incense holder in which I burn pure frankincense resin (and a couple of tea-light holders… but they’re just there for the candles).

Like I said, it’s nothing fantastic… but this is where I go into battle!

This little space is my battle field. And every day, I go into this space in order to enter the spiritual realm and attack the forces of darkness that are hell-bent on destroying humanity!

Sometimes I sit. Sometimes I kneel. Most often, I pace up and down. But when I enter this space, I am entering a space that is actually outside of space! And time too.

From here, I wander the whole world! In a second, my prayers can take me to China, or Brazil, or Laos, or Cuba! Whatever country God lays on my heart, I can be there straight away, just by entering His presence in prayer!

Every day, I am with our Sisters and Brothers in the persecuted underground Church, as I lift them up in prayer. I am in the war zones of the world, and the poverty. Sometimes my prayers take me to nice places too… but where there are souls crying out for someone to pray for them. I am with all the pilgrims wandering around the planet, searching for hope and meaning. And I am with you also!

Every day, I lift up to God everyone who may read this blog. Although we don’t know each other, I pray that God will use these words that I write to bless you.

I also have a small jar of anointing oil from Israel. Sometimes God lays upon my heart someone who is ill. When that happens, I anoint my hands with the oil, lift them up to heaven, and pray that God will send the anointing and blessing to the one who needs healing!

Just today, God placed on my heart a Brother in the Faith who is being imprisoned in North Korea. I believe he has tuberculosis, and is suffering a great deal. To be honest, I felt God was actually asking a friend of mine to pray for him. She has the gift of healing, and I believe God wanted her to lift this Brother up. But I joined her from my little space outside of space. I anointed my hands with oil, and lifted them up to heaven for our suffering Brother.

From here, I also go beyond this world. From this little space, my prayers take me throughout the whole universe, praying that God will keep all the planets in their orbits. Praying for the groaning of the universe at what the sins of mankind have done to this planet.

No, this isn’t a small, insignificant space at all. This is a space that is huge! It has no walls, windows, or doors, but is open to the whole world. Every day, people from all over the planet gather in this little space with me. And not just people, but angels, and also the cloud of witnesses that the Bible speaks about (Hebrews 12:1).

And it’s open to you too! If you need prayer for anything, come into this space and let us pray for you. And if you want to pray, come in also! Create your own little space – a corner in your bedroom, a place in nature, wherever – and travel the world with me! Our individual spaces will grow bigger and bigger until they merge together into one giant space that encompasses the whole world! The whole universe! And together we will battle the forces of darkness, and lift up the suffering, and pray for the sick!

Don’t ever allow your prayers to become limited. You can lay hands on a sick person thousands of miles away through the power of prayer! You can sit with a suffering prisoner in a solitary confinement cell on the other side of the world! You can listen to the unheard voices, speak to the lonely, comfort the grieving… all through the power of prayer!

So find your space, wherever it may be. Consecrate it with your prayers. And take it into a space outside of space, where the whole world can gather!

May the Lord Jesus Christ fill you with His Light and Love and Peace! Amen.




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